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We equip individuals and businesses to thrive in today’s competitive milieu. Spend less time figuring out the credit disputes with step-by-step guidance. With Rapid Dispute Pro, you get the freedom to choose and act wisely to cut down on negative credit reports.


Benefit from integrations

We integrate some essential third-party solutions into all our dispute solving techniques to ease the process further. However, we never stop integrating new technologies at Rapid Dispute Pro. With your membership, you get extended support throughout the credit guidance project.



Experience the power of convenience

Jumping queues isn’t a good move but Rapid Dispute Pro jumps helps your clients stand first in the line, by easing the process of sending credit files through fax or mail. Now uploading documents to mailing or fax is just a matter of a click!

The Rapid Dispute Pro Chrome Extension is compatible with all credit solutions, be it Credit Repair Cloud, Client Dispute Manager or DisputeBee. Just one click and all your matter will be sent to the selected bureaus or creditors. Now, isn’t this a case of convenience at your disposal?

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Asked Questions

Some frequently asked Questions

We’re here to clear your confusion regarding Rapid Dispute Pro. Find the most frequently asked questions below:


1. Is Rapid Dispute Pro right for me?
Absolutely. Rapid Dispute Pro is the perfect plugin to ease all your credit dispute processes. From getting rid of overnight mailing costs to a seamlessly fast dispute resolution, Rapid Dispute Pro serves it all.
2. How does Rapid Dispute Pro work?
Rapid Dispute Pro is a Chrome Extension that works across all credit dispute programs such as Credit Repair Cloud, Client Dispute Manager or DisputeBee. With this new plugin, you will be just one click away from expediting the credit dispute process.
3. How can I avail the services of Rapid Dispute Pro?
All you have to do is register as a member and we will direct you to the member’s login portal. From there, add the plugin to your chrome extensions and viola, you’re done with the step-up.
4. Who can use Rapid Dispute Pro?
While we do not limit the usage of our plugin to particular expertise, it would come as a handy tool for creditors and credit dispute companies that cater to a large number of clients on a daily basis.

Come, let’s get the ball rolling

If you have to deal with a large number of clients on a daily basis, then Rapid Dispute Pro is the right tool for your credit company. Furthermore, the minimal efforts and mitigated time involved with this tool are beneficial for all users.

You will never visit the post office again with Rapid Dispute Pro at your disposal. The robust and convenient tool is designed for all creditors and credit businesses that wish to excel with a mark. So, this is your chance to set the bar high!

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Thank You So Much For Providing This Tool, we have literally scale our business and fired 3 of our dispute. this is a LifeSaver!

Carolina Simons

Credit Repair Owner

The best one click mailing app in the world! Faxing for less then $15 a month sending out 300+ letters.

Peter Jamison

Credit Repair Owner

Went from having 8 Virtual Assistants to 1, this is a life savers!

Gerald Gilbert

Credit Repair Business Owner

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RapidDisputePro will help you speed up your dispute process. In addition to these features you have access to all our system updates.

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